Two Simple Words for Success

Simple Tool to Evaluate 5 Areas of Your Life
And the TWO words that will help you make a breakthrough in each

For the New Year, everyone makes goals and tries to find their purpose. They look back on positive things that happened and (hopefully) have overcome the negative while allowing it to make you stronger.

Many still think they have not found their purpose. Many think they don’t have one to find. Many think that because of a setback, they must have been mistaken about their purpose.

I want to encourage you that no matter if you failed or succeeded compared by worldly standards, you learned something spiritually. You just have to figure out what it is.

Here is a tool to help you evaluate the 5 most important areas of your life. At the end, I will explain the ONE thing you can do in each area to make it an even better year than last. The One thing applies to all 5 areas. It is short and simple and only TWO words.

Rate yourself in growth in these 5 areas for the year 2017.

Spiritual 1 2 3 4 5
Social 1 2 3 4 5
Emotional 1 2 3 4 5
Physical 1 2 3 4 5
Vocational 1 2 3 4 5

I give myself a 4.
Two areas I need to work on to grow.
Focus on God’s Word before Social Media in the morning.
Pray more deeply and more often.

I give myself a 2.
Two areas I need to work on to grow.
I want/need that one best friend who I can share my deepest thoughts so she can help me grow, but I tend to hold so much inside.
I need to initiate coffee and dinner and concerts and get-togethers instead of waiting to be asked.

I give myself a 4.
Two areas I need to work on to grow.
I need to continue to fiercely forgive and show it.
I need to share my hopes/dreams/failures with my husband more.

I give myself a 1.
Two areas I need to work on to grow.
I need to make time to workout and exercise.
I need to stick to healthy routine of drinking water and taking supplements.

I give myself a 2.
# areas I need to work on to grow.
I give myself a 2 because I lost 7 months of the year because of a bad decision. I am better for it, but it stings. Make better decisions for my business.
Get help in areas I am weak. (I’m looking for a tech assistant.)
Take risks.
Share great value to help others find their purpose.

As promised, here are the two words that will make your and my 2018 better than last year:
Say YES to every opportunity that God places before you.
Say YES to forgiveness.
Say YES to a friend in need.
Say YES to someone who offers you help.
Say YES. Say YES. Say YES.

Obviously, be wise and avoid immoral, unethical and sleazy conduct. BUT, say YES to those things God is holding out to you.

Think about it: How many opportunities did you let pass last year vs. how many you took hold of?

Evaluate why. Fear? Say Yes! Financial? Just say YES! Unknown? Say YES! Risk? Say YES!

Benjamin Franklin looked like a fool for years but he is in every history book. J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times for Harry Potter, but now her books have sold over $400 million, not to mention the movies; the last one earning over $475 million.

If Ben had of given up, someone else would have harnessed electricity. If J.K. would have thrown the manuscript in the trash, raising her daughter by herself would have been a huge struggle.

Ben said YES thousands of times! J.K. kept saying YES even when publishers told her NO.

Robin Williams said NO to life. Jack Nicholson said NO to the role of Godfather in “The Godfather”. My father-in-law said NO to a friend wanting to start Churches Chicken.

Ephesians 1:11, “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity to the purpose of his will…” This plan for our lives only works if we say YES!

MisUnderstood: 5 Ways to Communicate Better

Have you ever been completely misunderstood? What did you do?

While skiing on Christmas break this year, my niece fell and hurt her knee. She was taken down the mountain by the MedEvac personnel on a sled. I went to the Guest Services to ask where to meet her.

Me: Where do people go when they get hurt?

Boy: Are you looking for the guy who hit is head?

Me: No, I’m looking for a girl.

Boy: I don’t know where she is.

Me: Ok. Where do PEOPLE go when they get hurt.

Boy: Ma’am, I don’t know where SHE is.

Me: I came here because I know you know where PEOPLE go when they get hurt.

Boy: Ma’am, CALM down. I don’t know where SHE is.

Me: I know you don’t know where SHE is. Where do PEOPLE go when they get hurt.

Boy: Ma’am, calm down.

He finally gave me two options and I thanked him for the information. I felt like we were both talking about two different things. I felt like we were talking in circles. I really felt like we were bleating at one another back and forth like the photo. It was so frustrating.

I’ve told that story many times and I’m sure he has told the story about the crazy lady who came in demanding he tell me where my niece had been deposited.

So,  what do you do when you miscommunicate with someone?

  1. Stays calm. I know I escalated my tone and pitch when he didn’t understand and told me to clam down.
  2. Sometimes it is better to just start over. I think I should have done that. Say things in a different way. Explain something in a way that they would understand.
  3. Don’t interrupt. I cut him off a few times when I realized he was not understanding which probably made him defensive, also. He would have told me what I needed if I would have just let him get there.
  4. Don’t assume. Listen to the words being used. I was saying PEOPLE for general info. He was specific and said SHE. He knew the answer to the general question, but not the specific one.
  5. I should have been nicer and more patient. My sarcasm when I told him that was why I was there because ‘he should know the answer’ was probably not the best response.

So, eventhough I asked a general, short question (Where do people go then they get hurt?), he though of something different.

ALSO, think about THEM! It was a very busy day on the slops. We saw several ambulances and saw several people being taken down the mountain. We even saw the helicopter evacuate someone. Shoot, two in our own group blew out their knees. I’m sure he was already stressed and on the defensive and tired. I’m sure I made it worse.


What are some ways to better communicate you can share?

OR How do you clean up a miscommunication?